About Us


SMATEQ Construction was founded in 2012 and is owned and operated by young professional Gambians. The prime goal is to create a business that offers excellent services, honesty and customer service.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive construction services that will always exceed our customer’s expectations, competitive pricing, on time delivery, seamless coordination and attention to detail will be key on every job we put our name on.

SMATEQ builds everything from residential housing, retail stores, industrial buildings, schools, health care facilities, corporate headquarters, multi-level office buildings, roads, sewerage to renovations with same proactive attitude.

Our vision to remain the First Services Provider to all clients, due to continuous delivery of all projects safely, within budget, on time and to the highest quality demanded. We are your One Stop Service Provider when it comes to planning, designing, construction, infrastructure and maintenance!


SMATEQ Construction tries to schedule their work two weeks in advance. Sometimes unpreventable circumstances like whether do give us little setbacks with our plans, but we make certain that you are aware of any changes to the schedule. We know that having a construction & development work crew at your project can be disruptive, and we try to make the process as painless as possible. Our crew works every day (weather permitting) and finishes your job before they move on to other projects. A job is not left unfinished while we move to a new project.SM


All of SMATEQ Construction employees are highly qualified, hardworking, dedicated to their job. They treat every job as though, they are putting a roof on their own home and are very conscientious of the client’s needs. Every job is checked and verified by the professionals at the end of the day, and when the job is complete, their goal is to make it look we were never there.

SMATEQ never does works to your project that we don’t believe is absolutely necessary. We walk the client through everything that we find and advise them on what we believe needs to be done next. We don’t leave anything out just to try and help cut costs. If there are problems you will be advised of them and if your project is in normal condition we will let you know that it’s not necessary.